LUCKY October 31, 2017 18:25

🎲 L U C K Y 🎲  We were recently made aware that consumers familiar with @jessieve_ldn jewellery had raised concerns regarding the resemblance between Valentino’s collection of 'Lovestud number' rings and Jessie V E’s 'Lucky Number' collection. As a gesture of goodwill and to reinforce its support for young designers such as myself, @maisonvalentino have decided to withdraw the rings from sale. I very much appreciate Valentino’s initiative and its cooperation. 

A HUGE SPARKLY thank you to everyone who tagged us, shared pictures and brought this to our attention! It's a lovely feeling for an independent designer to feel the support of the public, followers and fellow designers and actually this whole experience has shone a light on how fabulous you all are! Even more excited for the future of @jessieve_ldn and glad you all are along for the ride! 💎🙌🏻💅🏼

We've been shortlisted! February 07, 2017 21:01

So excited to find out that Jessie V E has been shortlisted for 'New Designer Of The Year' at the 2017 UK Jewellery Awards! 

So thrilled and absolutely amazed to have been chosen as a finalist after just over a year since our launch!

The awards are in June so please all keep your fingers crossed for us til then, although just being shortlisted is enough of a thrill in itself!


It's our birthday, and we'll blog if we want to! October 14, 2016 20:12

We figured that now would be the perfect time to release our first blog post as we celebrate our 1 year birthday!

It has been a whirlwind of a first year for us and we can't thank you all enough for your support, whether that be in the form of purchasing our pieces, visiting us or even just following our social medias- it all means the world to us.

To kick start the blog, what better way than to revisit our roots and tell the story of how the Jessie V E logo was born. This post is a personal story, written by Jessie V E's Owner, Designer and namesake, Jessie Evans.

Jessie Evans

-Hello lovelies!

I'm a little nervous to write this, as I've consciously kept 'me' out of the way for the first year of my brand's life. I wanted the jewels to speak for themselves, I feel like they all have such character and I wanted you all to meet them without me so I could see what impact they would have on their own. 

After such a positive year and so much love from everyone I feel like I should show my face, say 'Hi!' and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for believing in the designs and everything Jessie V E stands for. We decided that the first blog post should come from somewhere really personal to myself because I pour my heart and soul into everything to do with JVE...and the story behind the 'logo' couldn't be more personal. The logo was born before any of the collections were designed. So thank you thank you thank you for helping make JVE a success, I am living my dream and I hope you dream of our jewels too!

I write this, my first ever blog post, somewhere over the ocean on my way from London to New York, which for this story is actually quite significant...

Rewind to this time in 2014 when my lovely (then boyfriend) Mattie whisked me away to beautiful Bali on holiday. He apparently had planned to propose on a stunning island with amazing views of the sea... however, he got nervous about carrying the ring on an additional flight, (he loses things a lot) so I was proposed to as I awoke from a jet lagged snooze in the middle of the night in a hotel in Bangkok!

Not exactly how we had imagined it, but I wouldn't change it for anything. It was a bit of a shock, but the part that surprised me the most was how perfect the ring was. I had always wanted a triangle diamond with a halo but I didn't think that Mattie knew this. At the time, I was working in the design team for the renowned London jeweller, Elizabeth Gage, and I figured that Mattie would have enquired about ring styles with my co-workers and that I'd have gotten a little whiff of suspicion but I was absolutely oblivious to any secret activity! I have some very sneaky friends and he had it made bespoke to my exact requirements. We flew to Bali the next day and I spent 2 weeks staring at my hand!

My engagement ring in Thailand

As soon as we were back, the wedding planning began! We ended up setting a date of one and a half years later and after much research, we decided to hop over to New York for the legal bit at the City Clerks office, and then have our reception/party at my parents' Art Deco house on the Kent coast, UK. New York was somewhere special to us from previous trips there together, it is the most magical place, just like the movies! It's since become even more important to me, as I have many lovely NYC clients and there are a lot of JVE pieces sparkling around on hands in the city, but this was before JVE and even then I felt that it was a place that would forever be special to me.

We had an instant Art Deco theme to roll with for the rest of the wedding because of the two venues, which made planning everything else that tiny bit easier.

En route to NYC to get hitched!

Next was the most important bit to me, as a jewellery designer and diamond obsessive! I wanted to incorporate the theme and the feel of the wedding into my ring. Baguette cut diamonds suit the Art Deco theme well, so it was finding a way to make them fit with the existing triangle stone in the engagement ring. After many trips around Hatton Garden, I ended up choosing 5 tapered baguettes, that on first glance look symmetrical and in perfect pairs, but in reality each stone has it's own personality and shape/size (much to the dismay of my incredible diamond mounter!). The way we set them is a nod to the fan shapes we see in Art Deco architecture, and the varying heights and shapes to mimic the beautiful NYC skyline, to forever remind me of that perfect day.

Choosing the tapered baguette diamonds

Engagement and wedding ring together (I had them lasered together after the wedding so they don't rub and scratch each other)

The perfect day in Central Park (24 hours after this photo was taken it snowed about a foot!)

The skyline that inspired my ring design from previous visits to New York

My 'maids in Manhattan'

Our wedding cake at our reception in Kent, UK.


I used the outline of the ring as a repeating pattern on the invites to our wedding, and even had them printed on the cake! At this point, that's what this shape was...the outline of my ring. It worked so well as an Art Deco repeating pattern.

Six months later when I launched Jessie V E, I realised I already had a logo for my brand that meant more to me than I'd imagine a logo ever could. 

So really, because the brand was founded from such a personal place, it's only natural that the genesis of JVE's design rolls along the same theme of personal and meaningful jewellery. My main aim is to create subtly personal, customisable or uniquely meaningful pieces...I see each piece as 'semi-bespoke' as they are all made to order to specific requirements, so even the pieces that look identical from online collections hide a super personal secret. And that's what we will continue to do with our collections...we've got some stunners up our sleeves!

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings! Jessie xo


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