'Like a diamond in the sky....' 

Taking 'Twinkle Twinkle' quite literally...and with our fascination of space and the stars as inspiration, we designed the Constellation collection. 

JVE's signature fine 'kissing' ring shanks as a base and a choice of star sign or midi-constellation set with diamonds atop, you can admire the beauty of a clear, crisp night sky on your own paws. The same delicate designs have also been adapted into glittering necklaces, and split over a pair of dainty 'hoop' earrings- so many ways to wear your sign.

A fabulously personal gift (we can advise the correct star sign for your lucky recipient if you know their birthday) or a great treat for yourself. 

All of our rings come in our striking JVE vitrine boxes, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the piece even when it's not being worn.

(N.B. Although we have tried to keep our designs as accurate as possible to the alignment of the stars in real life... some have been adapted slightly to work better as jewellery.)