Introducing our Grown Up Friendship Rings!
We all need a BFF. Whether they're a new friend, a lifelong friend, a sister, cousin, mother....we need that one special person in our lives that mean the absolute world to us.
Whoever you bestie is, show them a little love with a set of our Best Friend Rings. Part of our Rock Collection, inspired by the growth of rock crystals and the candy sticks of rock from the seaside, our Friendship Ring set comprises of Two solid 9k gold rings that slot together to create a heart shape at one end, with our JVE logo at the other end.
Designed and sold as a set, so you can get a pair for yourself and give one to your soul sister so you're always connected in some way. OR..our favourite a set as a birthday/christmas present for your BFF, and keep half for yourself! A guilt free splurge on yourself- win win!
If you both have a set in different colours, you can swap half for a two tone heart each!